Why Fresh Pet Food Is Better

Who benefits from mass-produced pet food?

Driven by economic rather than nutritional efficiencies, the majority of pet food today is mass-produced in extremely large batches of 500 tons or more. Using less-than-optimal protein sources and cooking temperatures, the highly-processed products end up waiting in the warehouses. Up to a year and a half have passed from manufacture to your pet’s bowl. Your pet deserves better.

Fresh Is Better

We start with fresh food like salmon, duck, whitefish, and chicken, premium protein sources meant for consumption by your dog and/or cat. Along with eliminating corn, soy, and wheat products, we also eliminate all fillers in our complete and balanced recipes. Our delicious and nutritious pet foods are prepared in small-batches at lower temperatures to lock in every bit of flavor and nutrition.

The shorter the shelf life, the better the nutrition. We ship our premium pet food directly from our manufacturing facility to your Pet Wants Owner, who promptly delivers it to your door. Experience the Pet Wants difference in the life of your beloved pet by finding your Pet Wants location today.