Head-To-Tail Resource Guide

At Pet Wants, we know pet nutrition. Our fresh and nutritious food contains everything that your pets need, and nothing that they don't. Learn more about your pet and their dietary needs on these pages.

Understand Your Pet's Needs and Wants

Our mission is to help improve the health, vitality, and longevity of pets through better nutrition and education. In turn, our loyal pet families enjoy the happiness and peace of mind that comes from knowing they are providing the freshest, most nutritious food for their four-legged family members.

Why Fresh is Better

Fresh and in small batches are the ways nature intended us and our pets to enjoy our food. Read more about the trend in switching from mass-produced to small-batch pet food. Your pet will thank you.

Pets with Sensitive Stomachs

Sensitive stomachs are common among our four-legged family members. Unfortunately, our pets can’t communicate digestive issues and irritations with us. At Pet Wants, we know the causes and, more importantly, the solutions.

My Pleasantly Plump Pet

Whether we are two-legged or four-legged, it’s easy to let our fitness go to the dogs. The good news is you can teach an old dog new…and healthy tricks.

Understanding Pet Allergies

We understand the challenge of of pet allergies and want to help you find a solution.

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Sophisticated Palates

Like two-legged children, our four-legged kids can be picky eaters. Read about how to help your pet eat like they should.

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Ingredients and Nutrition

Ingredients matter. Our food contains only the best ingredients with no animal by-products, fillers, or dyes.

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