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Sensitive Stomachs


We notice the symptoms without understanding the sources. Our pets can appear bloated, restless, vomiting intermittently, experiencing excessive gas with loose stools, or a discomfort we can sense. It may be something in their existing food, too much change in the food they know, too large a portion for their life stage, allergies, or something else.

Some pet foods contain primarily plant-based protein, preservatives and starches with a high glycemic index, which can lead to discomfort and inflammation. High-temperature cooking can reduce natural digestibility and a long shelf life can reduce the vitamins and minerals your pet receives. Even if your current pet food has an attractive advertisement on the front, it may be the ingredient list on the back that’s the culprit.


Nutrition from The Inside Out

Start by bringing your current pet food to your Pet Wants location, and your Pet Wants Nutritional Specialist will explain the ingredients. Does the product contain plant or animal-based protein? Are there any “by-products,” unnecessary sugars, or starches that have a high glycemic index and load? What about soy, corn, wheat, or by-products that contain preservatives? It can be difficult to discern what exactly is in the pet food you are using, and it is common for today's pet owners to consult a specialist to explain the ingredients.

Your Pet Wants Nutritional Specialist will provide a nutritional solution specific to your pet’s conditions, activity level, and life stage. As the freshest pet food on the market, our formulas are both complete and balanced for optimal flavor and nutrition. Expertly prepared in slow-cooked small batches, our premium pet food is delivered promptly to your Pet Wants location, where it is delivered to your door.

We offer a wide range of healthy protein sources, grain-free options, complimentary supplements and wholesome treats. To arrange for a complimentary nutritional analysis, click here.


We are not veterinarians or pet medical professionals. We have many years of experience and are well educated in natural nutrition and pet health. We are here to provide you with information and recommendations, but the advice from our nutrition specialists or guides is not a substitute for proper veterinary care. We offer carefully selected natural products, and we firmly believe you should work closely with your vet for any medical conditions or treatments.