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Why Choose Pet Wants?

Nutrition You Can Trust

Pet Wants begins with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available. Then, we expertly craft complete and balanced foods for your dog and cat, treats, supplements, and pet care products to match your pet’s level of activity, age, allergies, food preferences and sensitivity. Enjoy a complimentary nutritional analysis at your PetWants location.

What Your Pet Wants

Your pets deserve fresh, nutrient-rich foods, full of vitamins and minerals for their vitality and well-being. Take the “Kibble Challenge” and you’ll see what your pet wants. Your pet will be glad you did.

Quality from the Inside Out

Natural energy and a healthy coat come from animal-based protein sources, naturally rich in essential fatty acids, nutrients, and minerals. We carefully select every product so you get nutrition you can trust.

Some Fetch. We Deliver.

Providing what your pet wants has never been easier. The right amount of our small-batch food is delivered right to your door, at the right time. Find your Pet Wants location or shop online.

The Pet Wants Difference

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